Reclaiming My Peace: 21 Day Detox Journal


The Reclaiming My Peace: 21 Day Detox Journal is designed to help you center your thoughts and come to peace with who you are and where you have been. You will be guided via journal prompts to help work through any internal chaos you may have in order to find your way back to peace.  

By taking time to acknowledge where you are and how you got there, you grant yourself permission to be heard and seen in the areas where you may have been hiding or simply out of touch with yourself.

The contents of this journal can help bring awareness, soundness of thought, acceptance, and a fresh outlook on life. Each person has their own individual story, but sometimes it takes a little guidance to work through the parts of that story that may be challenging to embrace.

Each prompt was specifically selected to help bring self-awareness to each unique individual.

Journal Features:
Soft cover
Glossy finish
88 pages
21 days of guided journal prompts
Inspirational quotes


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